Criminal Law risks for individuals and employers


The present Release (no. II) is updated to April 10th, 2020 Prime Minister’s Decree. In greater details, such decree extended applicable restrictions’ time limits up to May 3rd, 2020 and partially emended the set of rules regarding individuals’ movements and businesses’ activity.


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COVID-19 pandemic (so called “Coronavirus”) sets new challenges and problems both on the local level and on the global one. Indeed, the epidemiological emergency comes with important consequences not only from the heath standpoint, but also from the social, economical, political and legal ones.

In order to support its clients in understanding and managing legal issues related to COVID-19 emergency, Studio Legale Crippa Pistochini drafted a presentation about Criminal Law risks for individuals and employers.

The document firstly focuses on the main emergency legislative provisions the Italian Government adopted in order to limit and oppose COVID-19’s spreading. The target here is to provide the reader with a quick portrait of the most important pieces of applicable emergency legislation.

The focus is then moved to more practical issues regarding both individuals and employers; more specifically, the analysis is centered onto:

  • applicable restrictionsset forth by emergency legislation (e.g., individuals’ movements, shutdown of businesses);
  • exceptions to restrictions set forth by the emergency legislation itself;
  • Criminal Law risks related to the violation of such restrictions;
  • strategies and good practicesto be adopted for minimizing such Criminal Law risks.

The Firm – which will be operating in “smart working” mode – will keep monitored legislative news and will update the


The document will be published on both Firm’s website and Linkedin account after every update.